December 21, 2010

Maggie's Macy adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Macy, who found her forever home with Denise F.

Maggie asked us to take Macy, who had a luxated hip and needed surgery. She had been found tied to a post in a park. Other than her hip, she was in pretty good health. This poor girl must have been in pain for a long time, but has the most amazing spirit and good nature. We were able to do an FHO on her and she is now pain-free and on her way to leading a normal life. She has been staying with Kriss H. and her family, learning to use her leg again and getting lots of love, both people and doggy.

Denise recently lost her dog Molly, and she and Morgan were missing having another pup in the house. Denise saw Macy's pictures and story on our website and instantly fell in love. When they met, her feelings were confirmed and she and Morgan were excited to bring Macy home. Macy is enjoying her new life with Denise, and getting used to having cats around.

Macy is forever grateful to Maggie for finding her and getting her to the US. She is also grateful to Barbara D. for coordinating her trip home, as well as the Welcome Waggin' team for meeting her at the airport. She was so happy to see the dog walkers every day when she was at CP! And she's very thankful to Kiss and family who fostered her after her surgery and nursed her back to health. Finally, she thanks David & Kai for scoping out this wonderful home for her. Attached is a picture of Macy with Denise & Morgan. Welcome Home Macy!