December 30, 2010

Rita's Kingbo adopted!

Kingbo had been found as a stray in Taiwan a couple of years ago and was taken in temporarily by a family who was looking for a permanent home for him. After a couple of years they turned to Rita and MJ when they weren't successful, and these wonderful ladies asked us to take him. Right from the beginning Kingbo showed what a terrific dog he was, with great house manners (well except for the counter-surfing), he's easy going around other dogs, is a big people lover and is perfect on the leash. He initially stayed with Krista and Jerry, and when their scheduled changed he went to stay with Joan and Ed.

Shirley and Marty lost their Golden, Buff, earlier this year. They have another dog and a cat, but were missing that Golden personality. They were looking for a new pup who was mellow and easy going and could get along well with Hannah and Peanut. Joan, Ed and I brought Kingbo over to meet them yesterday. He had a great time racing through their home, smelling everything. We went out to see the backyard and he found his racetrack (so much for that mellow dog!) and next thing we knew he was in the pool! We got him dried off and back in the house -- he went racing around, found an open door and was back out and into the pool again - it was pretty comical! Despite this Marty and Shirley were charmed, especially after he gave them lots of doggy kisses. He gave his approval that this would be a wonderful home and he'd like to stay (that pool keeps calling)! I spoke to Marty today and they said he's got a lot more energy than they expected for a 6yo, so its going to be a bit of an adjustment for them. But they think he's wonderful and he's getting along great with their other dog and the cat.

Kingbo will forever love Rita and MJ for taking him in and getting him to CA, and he's grateful that Barbara D. accepted him into our rescue, as well as working with this wonderful family to find the right dog for them. He had a great time meeting the Welcome Waggineers and thanks Krista for taking him home and letting him stay for a week. He also thanks Joan and Ed for letting him spend Christmas with them. And he thanks Eva I. for doing the home visit that found his forever family.