December 11, 2010

Rita's Lucia adopted!

Rita's Lucia arrived at LAX from Taiwan last Sunday, tired but happy and eager for a new life. She didn't lose any time attracting the attention of Libby, who learned of us from a friend who adopted another of Rita's dogs last January, a big boy now named Otto. Libby wanted a sweet, mellow dog who would get along with Otto, who often hangs out at Libby's. She also wanted a dog calm enough to take to the office, yet with a good energy level for her active life of walking and running. Today Libby and Otto came to meet Lucia, who acted as if she'd always known them. Otto is a mellow guy, so we all went for a walk together and played in the back yard while everyone got acquainted. After a while Belle and Mufasa joined the party so Libby could see Lucia interact with dogs of quite different temperaments. Though she had originally been interested in a larger dog than Lucia, Libby decided that Lucia might be just the perfect size for apartment living, so off they went to live in Venice and enjoy a lot of great walks on the beach.

Lucia thanks Barbara D. for working with Rita and the other rescuers in Taiwan, so she could try life in the New World. She also thanks our veterinary friends for making sure she'll recover from her ear infections and get relief from her itchy allergies. She's delighted that Kriss H. took time from her busy life as foster mom and foster dog coordinator to scout out this great home where she'll be safe and welcome. Finally, she thanks Barbara again for making such a good match for her. She wants everyone in rescue to know how happy they have made her, and sends big kisses to all.