December 21, 2010

Rita's Albert adopted!

Rita's Albert is happy to announce that he has found his forever home with Julie & Mike V.

Albert was found in Taiwan with a bad skin condition. Rita and MJ rescued him and got him well, and he took the trip to the US with a gorgeous red, soft coat, (and he likes nothing better than for you to pet it!). He came to stay at my house while waiting to find his forever home, and I have to tell you he was a really hard one to let go. This guy is is so sweet and loving. He was a perfect house guest who got along well with the other crazy dogs at my house, didn't bother the cats and was just happy to be near you. He likes toys and balls, but the other pups kept taking them from him, so he would just hop up on the couch and hang out. Over the last few days he started playing with the other dogs - I'm not sure he knew how before.

Mike and Julie recent lost their Bud. They were missing having two dogs in the house, and their other pup, Althea, had been pretty quiet since Bud got sick. They were looking for a middle-age, mellower pup and had met Albert at the Welcome Waggin and thought he might be a good fit. I brought Albert over to their house yesterday and he acted like he's always been there. Althea seems to really enjoy having a companion and she was dancing all over the place, trying to get Albert to play. Albert tried out all the dog beds, found the toys and balls and was so, so happy to be able to chew and destroy uninterrupted. He sent me the following email this morning:

Dear Sandy:

Thanks for asking about me.

Already I have a new name tag, a new, bigger bed, toys to destroy and tennis balls to chew. No one tries to get my stuff.

I can get on Mike and Julie's bed with no problem and promptly konked out about 9:30 PM. So exhausted!!!

Althea and I are getting along great. I think she likes having me around. We pee and poop together! She yelled at me once because I got too close to her peanut butter. I had already eaten mine, so I was looking for some more, of course! Luckily I found the peanut butter knife and grabbed that off the counter and licked it clean. Yummmm!!!!

They have good food and treats around here and they don't mind me laying around or making a mess.

I've learned how to let myself out the back door; however, I have to get Julie up a lot earlier so I don't pee in the house anymore. She didn't care anyway. Something about her ugly rugs.....

I have Mike completely in the palm of my hand. He cannot keep his hands off me. He is on the floor with me, rubbing and massaging me. Luvs it!!!

Needless to say, I'm not coming home. And, please tell the other girls, I am off the market. I like it here.

Now if it would stop raining! But I did hear Julie mention getting me a rain coat so we can go out exploring.

Please come visit me when you can. Thanks for all your support in starting my new life!

I love you very much.

Albert Vallante

Albert thanks Rita & MJ for finding him and rescuing him, and Barbara D. for approving his trip to California. He was so happy to see the Welcome Waggin (its a long time in that crate!!) He thanks Scooter, Woody and Ori for sharing their home with him and teaching him that peanut butter tastes great. And he thanks Laura M. for completing the home visit. He mostly thankful for Mike, Julie and Althea for opening their hearts and home to him. Attached is a picture of Albert and his new dad, and another one of he and Althea in one of their favorite places - the food room! Julie promises to send a family photo when she and Althea have their make-up on.