December 22, 2010

Rita's Freedom adopted!

Rita's Freedom found her forever home last night with the Temple family.

I'm sure you've all seen Freedom's video - the transformation of where she came from to where she is now is amazing! Rita & MJ are amazing in the care they gave to her. The two physical reminders of her previous life are a cauliflower ear and a rear paw that is bigger than normal with changes to the pad. Neither one bothers her much and she's a happy, playful girl who has enjoyed her life in the US so far. She has been staying with Nestor & Bobby (along with Gone too Soon, Rita's Milo and the rest of their gang.)

The Temples recently lost their female Golden, Maya, and the whole family has been mourning her, including Max. They contacted me about a couple of dogs, and after talking we felt that Freedom would be the best fit. Nestor & Bobby were kind enough to take Freedom out to their house last night, despite all the rainy weather we've been having. The family instantly fell in love, and Freedom told everyone that this was going to be her forever home. She has settled in great so far, getting along good with Max and their cat. The family is so happy to have found Freedom, and Freedom is so happy to have found the Temples.

Freedom will be forever thankful to Rita & MJ for finding the beauty in a poor, scared and sick Golden and getting her healthy. She thanks Barbara D. for her part in getting her to CA, and to the Welcome Waggin Team for greeting her and her companions on their arrival. She was so happy to spend time with Nestor and Bobby, along with their crew of Lindsay, Roger, Boomer, GTS/Apollo and Rita's Milo. She also thanks Jane B. for doing the home visit on this family. Freedom is ready to have a wonderful Christmas with her new family!