December 9, 2010

Update from Rita's Simba, now Tai

Simba (renamed Tai -- not too original but it seems to fit, work...and everyone in the neighborhood easily remembers his name "Tai from Taipei") fit into the program almost instantaneously. He runs two and a half miles on the beach every morning (he gets the weekends off and just swims)...swims (without fear in decent size surf) out into the ocean to fetch a frisbee...not certain if it's because he's smart or just so willing to please...but is constantly learning/remembering...not to cross curbs, go on the bike path, along with a few tricks and the basic commands, he is social with dogs, gentle with humans...had to learn how to play, not be so food oriented, and discover his retriever instincts...yet, I can't imagine him doing any better than he has. He's so easy to communicate with, rarely if ever, is there ever a need for me to even raise my voice or speak in a firm tone.

Kudos to Rita, MJ, Maggie and all the GRCGLAR folks...I really didn't expect to adopt but couldn't be happier with the way it has turned out.

Many thanks,