December 24, 2010

Seasons Greetings from Pang Pang and Sharon

Please thank Rita for sending the wonderful video. We played it at work to a tearful staff who cheered out loud when Pang Pang’s picture appeared. It was moving, beautiful and inspiring.

Pang Pang is doing great! We are so excited about her first Christmas here. Santa has already been good to her and there is a lot more under the tree! She still goes to work with me every day, always happy to be there and just as happy to return home to Max and Petey. Two days a week we have a “Wok with Pang Pang” when the residents bring their dogs and off we go! She loves her seniors and it is definitely mutual. She has actually learned to “smile” for the camera and is probably more photographed then most celebrities. Her coat is beautiful and after winning a somewhat challenging battle with her weight, she is a picture of health and vitality. Her main challenge is still food and it looks like she will always have to be carefully monitored, but Rita did name her for her chubby body! There is no way to describe the joy she has brought into so many lives – especially mine!

This holiday season we are so grateful to all of you for making it possible to have this wonderful addition in our lives. She has touched many and I am certain that all of Rita’s Goldens have as well. So, we are sending the photo attached and wishing you all much happiness this holiday season and the very best in the coming year!