December 22, 2010

Rita's Buddy adopted!

Rita's Buddy left us today and went to live with the Nance family. The Nances are past adopters with a brilliant track record, and when it came time for them to add to their family again, they thought of us first. Buddy's proven himself to be a very good boy, and so we were pleased to hook him up with this amazing family.

Buddy sends his eternal gratitude to Rita and MJ who saved his life and helped him find his way to us. He's also thankful to the Welcome Waggineers who gave him such a great reception when he planted his first paw on US soil, and to the foster family Wasluskas, who took him in and made him their own until he could get his own place in the states. Special thanks to Lisa D. who scouted out his new home!

Congratulations, Buddy!