December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays from Gilligan (formerly Maggie's David)

Here are pictures of the G Man at his new home on Conesus Lake NY. Let me tell you, he is livin' the life! He swims now and chases ducks, is obsessed with riding in boats and is spoiled by all the neighbors who dote on him and keep his favorite treats at their houses. In one shot you can see one of the neighbor kids wearing a gilligan mask which was a surprise party for the second Gilliversary (of the date that I adopted him).

So far it has only snowed once here, which is unusual for this area and Gilligan at first was confused and ran in the house but then quickly decided he loved it and was jumping around like a puppy in the snow. There is another shot where you can see a large Lake Heron in the distance at the end of the dock. Gilly stalks him.

Take care and I'll send more updates soon.