December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays from Barley (formerly Rita's Michael)

We continue to feel so lucky to have Barley (formerly Rita's Michael) in our lives. He continues to go to work with us each and every day and seems disappointed on Sundays when we all stay home! He has a loyal following and has become the ambasodor for our veterinary hospital. We have some clients and children who stop by on a regular basis just to say hello to Barley and give him a few belly rubs. He laps up all the attention without ever once demanding it. He has, on more than one instance, quieted the nerves of a hospitalized patient by laying outside their cage, and even offered comfort to several who have had to say goodbye to their furry friends. The most touching instance was with a fellow Golden that was terminally ill. Barley walked into the exam room and layed down in front of the dog extending his paw so it was touching the other dog's paw. And while we may be projecting a little human emotion, it truly seemed as though he was there to hold the other dog's hand in a difficult time. We are so grateful to have him in our lives and can't imagine life without him. We have attached a few pictures of him "at work".

Chris and Leslie