December 13, 2011

Maggie's Camila adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Camila, who has found her forever home with Kathy and Larry along with 13-year-old pup, Champ.

Camila came to us recently from Taiwan. It was very apparent this girl has been a mom multiple times (she was turned down by two families because of this!) and I'm sure she was ready to come to the US and relax! She's a fantastic pup with a great, mellow personality who loves everyone she meets, enjoys other dogs and gets along with cats. Kathy and Larry recently lost their Golden, Humphrey, who was adopted from us - they don't feel their home is complete without two Goldens, so were anxious to provide a great home to another one of our pups. They seemed to be just what Camila was looking for (and vice versa!)

This has got to be one of the fastest placements we've done. Camila was presented to them by the PA and they said they wanted to meet her, I called them about a half hour later to talk more about her and then put the foster mom in touch with them. Less than two hours later I received an email from the foster mom that Camila was on her way home! Kathy and Larry report that Camila is doing great and they are so happy to have her in their lives and home. She's getting along great with Champ, although is having fun chasing the cats. The adoption picture was done on Larry's camera and he promises to send a copy to me soon.

Camila owes her life to Maggie and ARTT, for finding her, getting her well and sending her to CA. She's grateful to the Welcome Waggin' for greeting her at LAX and quickly getting her out of her crate. She thanks foster mom Mary Jane for taking care of her during her stay with us, and Eva for checking out her new home. And, she thanks the Placement Team and PA Jo Anne for making this terrific match.

Welcome home Camila!