December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays from Tai (formerly Rita's Willy)

Tai is doing great! He's such a happy boy.

We did have a tough summer, though, with the loss of his big brother, Buster (our nearly 13-year-old black lab mix). Tai and Kiara (another GRCGLAR) had a tough time recovering from the loss. After a couple months of sad faces, Tai and I drove to San Diego to meet and bring home his new little brother, Sam (a 2-year-old black lab we rescued). Tai and Sam are best buddies. They play, wrestle and taunt each other with toys every day. They are having a ball together, and both Tai and Kiara have the pep back in their steps with a young whippersnapper in the house.

I've attached our annual holiday card and a picture of Tai and Sam performing WWF moves. They are a hoot to watch - and so gentle with each other.

I hope all of the other Taiwan dogs are thriving in their new homes as well. It's hard to believe it has already been two years since Tai came to us.

Happy holidays!

All the best,