December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays from Maggie's Macy

Hi There Maggie and Joseph:

I just wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful year I have had and thank you for saving my life. It will be a year next week that I have been staying at my “forever home.” My hip is now fully healed and I go on long walks every day and don’t limp anymore at all – the vet says I can do anything I want!!

I have settled in wonderfully. I started off my being obsessed with the cat – but now she and I sleep together on the couch and are “best buddies” In March my “golden sister” Morgan passed away – she was 12-1/2 – she had cancer. It was very sad and mom was very upset and felt bad for me since I was just beginning to bond with Morgan. She and I were both very depressed. So in June my baby brother Milo came to live with us. He was a very naughty boy at the beginning and pulled my ears and bit on me. I was very tolerant and patient with him and now he is eight months old and knows my “boundaries” We play together, sleep together and he is just a ball of fun and energy. He sleeps in an X-pen in mom’s office during the day – not sure if its to give me a break so I can catch up on my beauty sleep or if its because mom wants to keep an eye on him!!!

Anyhow – the BIG NEWS is that I passed the test to become a therapy dog in October. Unfortunately mom is not able to take me (she has to earn money to pay for my cookies I guess!) so my therapy partners are her friend Daleen and Daleen’s daughter Acacia. I just looove going out and meeting all the people. We go to the Senior Citizen home, we go to a Teen Rehab Center, and we go to a school and “help” the children read. Having me there makes them feel “special” and gives them extra confidence to read out loud – since I don’t care if they make mistakes – I just like their company. I attached a picture of me reading at the school with Acacia – as you can see – I am a very good listener!! Going to the school is my favorite – but I love all the places we go to – and the people there are so happy to see me. I have ten supervised visits – and then I am “official” and get my therapy dog “vest” – so I will send you a picture of me wearing it – in the next few months. So far I have seven visits under my paw!!! I will be certified with “Love on a Leash” – and that is sure a fitting description for me!!

Attached are two pictures. The one is me and my baby brother Milo. The other is me at the school “helping” the children read.

I hope that all the rescue workers in Taiwan, Maggie and Joseph, and everyone at Golden Rescue has a wonderful Xmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. I am forever grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy the rest of my life surrounded by love and happiness.

Maggie’s Macy – aka Macy