December 30, 2011

Rita's Ella adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Ella, who will be known as Bella, found a new forever home on Monday, December 26, 2011 with the O'Brien family.

Mr. O'Brien just retired, and the family wanted to bring a Golden into their home.  Although Ella is on the small side, she most certainly exhibits Golden traits such as always wanting to be next to her people. The family thought she was just so sweet, and was already following Paul around the house. We made introductions between Ella and their Lab mix, Wal-E, and that went very well to where Ella said to me, "Bobby, this is the place I want to stay, a big home with a big yard to run around in, a nice boy and a nice family, and I'll have Wal-E to play with. Just hurry up and take my picture, I'll be just fine here!"

We first met Ella the evening she arrived from Taiwan. Sandy asked us if Ella could come stay out with us, and we said sure. Well, little Ella turned out to be just a real sweetheart. For a pup that's supposedly 8 years old, she exhibits the energy of a 2 year old, and loves to play with the boy pups, and for some reason, likes to pull their necks! She is also very fond of Nestor and would always follow him around the house. Ella would also whine when Nestor left for the office. As soon as the garage door closed, I would let Ella out into the garage so she had proof that indeed Nestor was not there. She loved her walks, and she most enjoyed sleeping on one of the beds with the other pups.

Ella will be forever thankful to Rita & MJ for rescuing this sweet little girl, and getting her healthy before leaving Taiwan. She thanks Sandy for her part in getting her to CA, and to the Welcome Waggin Team for greeting her and her companions on her arrival. She was very happy to spend time with Nestor & Bobby, along with their crew of Lindsay, Roger, Boomer, Mushu & Apollo, and for a short time, Lance & Portia. She also thanks Laura for finding this wonderful family, Kriss as the foster coordinator, the staff at Culver Palms for getting her vetted, and Jo Anne and the placement team for making the match!

Welcome home Ella, now Bella!