December 16, 2011

Happy Hoildays from Rita's Hannah

Thanks for calling and checking up on Hannah! I am sure my husband told you that she is still as wonderful as the day we adopted her.

I have enclosed s few pictures that we took of her this year. In February we introduced Hannah to the snow. We took the kids and all three dogs to Lake Arrowhead. Hannah had a blast! She spent her days running up and down the snow covered hills while the kids would sled. In fact, the first day she ran around so much that she was too exhausted to climb the stairs that night to go to bed. So David carried her up. The next day she paced herself a little better :)

We also took her to the beach in Del Mar so she could run around on the beach. A little timid at first with the waves, but she soon realzied that the waves are fun. I included a picture of her running with our daughter.

Hannah is such a joy to have in our house. She gets along so well with our two Shih Tzus (Broadley and Katie). She also adores our two children (Alysse and Aidan). The only time the kids get upset with her is when she steals their strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers from their garden they were growing. Hannah is still our veggie and fruit lover! She will stare you down if you have any of her favorites in your hand (i.e. apple, carrot, banana, orange, apricot, the list goes on).

Thank you so much for rescuing Hannah! We love knowing that we are giving her a happy life here in San Diego. In return, she gives us a wagging tail every morning as we start our day.

Please feel free to contact us anytime or come and visit Hannah when you are in San Diego. We would all enjoy that!

Take care,
Kim (Hannah's Mommy)