December 28, 2011

Happy New Year from Rita's Brian & Yellow

I had been told how wonderful the Welcome Waggin experience was in greeting the Tiawan pups so a few months back I went to welcome the arrival of Gary. I just happened to be the one who opened his crate here in America and into my arms leaped this big white bear-like fellow. One can fall in love with any of these beautiful Goldens but today it was with Gary. He is an easy going fellow who draws attention from most everyone when we go for a walk with people wanting to pet and hug him. And he is a great pillow when watching TV. Our two other Goldens at the time welcomed him into our family and Buddy especially loves to wrestle with Gary. He has been healthy. Woof, Woof from Gary!

It never occurred to us that we might add a fourth Golden to our family but then along came another Welcome Waggin for four Tiawan Project pups and it just happened that I opened Yellow"s (now Daisy) crate and this tiny puppy-like little girl jumped into my lap and filled my face with kisses - that was it! She is now this little princess among her new three brothers - Gary, Buddy & Moof. She is definitely "Paul's little girl" as they are inseparable - will lie on Paul's lap when he watches TV, always by his side. She is a smart cookie - knows many commands, shakes with either paw, will get her leash when it is time for all the pups to go on their two long walks each day, will chase a ball forever and is a total love bug. Woof, Woof from Daisy!

As is always the case with these wonderful Goldens they will give you back 100-fold for just giving you a bit of loving & a nice home. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU Rita, MJ & All the Tiawan Rescue Helpers for the wonders you have done in rescuing ALL these Goldens and setting them on their way to a happy and safe permanent home.

Happy New Year Everyone!