December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays from Magic (formerly Rita's Mocha)

I have attached a few pictures of Magic (aka Rita’s Mocha). We picked him up the day after Thanksgiving last year and it has been a great year. I attached a picture of Christmas last year with his extended family. Also pictures of Magic with his “sisters”.

We love Magic and he really enjoys being in a routine around here. Every morning during the week he walks with my husband Neil at 6 a.m. Then he spends his day with me, since I work from home. We usually take another walk in the afternoon. On the weekends he goes with my husband to the river trail where he meets up with his people and dog friends. They usually are gone for 2-2 ½ hours….so he comes home exhausted and happy.

He has adjusted, but it took time. The first few months he always needed to be at my feet…he wouldn’t even go outside unless I took him. I knew he felt comfortable once he would sit in the backyard in the sun, when I was in the house. He still prefers to be with people all the time, but he does enjoy chasing the squirrels on the fence. The last attachment shows him staring at the squirrel who is sitting on the fence.

We got Magic about 5 weeks after our beloved golden retriever Sami died at 10 years old. Magic has helped us heal and I think we have helped him heal from his past.

He has been a true blessing and we can’t imagine our lives without him.

Thank you for what you do!
The Carter Family