December 18, 2011

Rita's Summer adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Summer, who found her forever home with Judy and Gabe and their pup, Emma.

Summer was found by Rita and MJ covered in hundreds of ticks. They took her in, cleaned her up and got her healthy before sending her to us in September. The Welcome Waggin' was expecting a mellow 7-year-old when we let Summer out of her crate - instead we got an super energetic girl who was bouncing all over the place, jumping and spinning - she was very entertaining. She's a little girl with the cutest face, big feet and short legs - just adorable. She spent some time at Culver Palms, and then Tom W. agreed to take her home when his last foster got adopted. Kriss dropped her off at Tom's work, where she peed several times in his office and pooped in the elevator. You've got to give him credit for taking her home! Thankfully, Summer quickly adjusted, learning the routine and settling down. It's taken a bit longer to find her forever home, because most of our applicants who are willing to take a dog her age are looking for a mellow pup. As Summer got used to being with Tom and his crew she did mellow out a bit and when the Judy and Gabe came along. They were so excited when we presented Summer as a match and couldn't wait to set a meeting. Tom brought her out to their home and she proceeded to run around their home jumping on every piece of furniture (the pups aren't allowed on the furniture in their hom.). She's so sweet they overlooked her initial manners and knew she was the right pup to add to their family and to keep Emma company (Emma's been missing their Flat Coat Retriever, Charlie, who recently passed away). Tom said they would just have to train her to stay off the furniture - I said, she'll probably train them that it's okay!

Summer thanks Rita and MJ for finding her and getting her well, then sending her to us. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her at LAX and getting her out of the crate asap. She thanks the CP dog walkers for getting her out when she was staying there, and she's so happy to have been able to stay at the Walas Dog Haus waiting for just the right family. She says thanks to Elaine and John for checking out her new home, and is grateful to the Placement Team and PA Lisamarie for matching her up with the perfect family for her.

Welcome home Summer!