December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays from Rita's Mars

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary with Mars on November 25, 2011. He has been a great addition to the family. As you know, I foster many dogs and cats so he has a great time welcoming everyone and making them feel comfortable. He's been a wonderful ambassador.

We love him even though he's developed a recent habit of getting paper out of the trash can and chewing it up in my bedroom. LOL Now, we have to hide the cans and my house shoes too. He's riverting to a puppy stage. He's so funny, He is truly a cherished member of the family and we again extend our thanks and gratitude to Rita and MJ for saving his life and sending him to the USA where he is happy... oh, and has a full belly even if he acts like he has never had a meal. I know this should bring back memories for them. Please share our update and pictures with them. Thank you, David and Sonsee, for all that you do.

~ Cheryl